Anarcho-communism vs. Anarcho-capitalism

Ancom vs. Ancap

Questions and Answers

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How do you organize? Voluntarily*

*Unless the collective deems otherwise.


One can choose to be an entrepreneur, worker, capitalist, bum, or whatever.

What does "voluntary" mean? Absence of any constraints, natural or man-imposed.

Since you cannot flap your arms and fly, you are involuntarily landbound and unfree.

Absence of man-imposed constraints.

Aggression by others is involuntary; natural constraints are unrelated to liberty.

What is the status of
multi-user capital goods?
The means of production may only be owned by the set of current workers.

Capital goods are open to ownership by anyone, like any other scarce resource.
What if someone wants to organize differently? That's okay,

so long as there's no commerce or currency or private property...

so really you can't.
That's okay.

Anything voluntary is fine, even communist collectives. We are tolerant of all lifestyles.

What about those who think differently than you? It is okay to rob or kill anyone who supports private property. That cannot be tolerated! We will not aggress against them, but we reserve the right to boycott or shun those we do not like.
Do you own the product of your labor? No; the collective does. We count on the collective to give us what we need. Yes, definitely. We make voluntary agreements and contracts to ensure this.
Do you embrace statist or authoritarian ideas? Yes, in some cases,

such as our support for majority "gang" rule, and voting for statists like Bernie.

No. Not at all.

Some detractors, however, mistake our tolerance of peaceful others for support.

How do you reply to those who say your ideas have failed when tried? That's statist communism, not ancom, dumbshit!" "That's statist capitalism, not ancap, dumbshit!"
Are you anarchist? Yes.

Though a large minority, those who vote and lobby for e.g. minimum wage laws and regulations, are obviously not.


Though a small minority, those who vote and lobby for e.g. kidnapping immigrants, are obviously not.

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