Two Question Political Quiz

Which do you agree with most?

The State ...
  1. is an unnecessary evil.
  2. is a necessary evil.
  3. is basically neutral or somewhat beneficial to society.
  4. is generally beneficial, or would be if the right people were in power.
Resources ...
  1. should be communal, with little or no private property.
  2. should be owned by workers or worker associations.
  3. should generally be privately owned (with exceptions), by any person or group.
  4. should in principle be privately owned, by any person or group.

Now use your "score" to find your ideology. E.g. A1 is hard libertarian socialist; C3 is moderate statist capitalist.

Check your results on this area graph.

For more explanation and plots see the Ideology Map page.

Here's another quiz which takes a different approach: The Political Compass Quiz asks issue-oriented questions, and attempts to deduce your political ideology from your answers.

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