The Nature of Law
by Roderick T. Long

  1. Law and Order Without Government
    1. Introduction
    2. Varieties of Law
    3. Public Goods vs. Public Choice

  2. The Three Functions of Law
    1. Why Three Functions?
    2. Should Law Be Monopolized?
    3. Locke's Case for Monocentric Law
    4. The Lockean Case Against Locke

  3. Law vs. Legislation
    1. Socrates on Law
    2. Two Senses of Law
    3. Natural Law and Human Law
    4. Natural Law and Customary Law
    5. Law vs. Legislation: Documentary Evidence

  4. The Basis of Natural Law
    1. Is There Room for Natural Law?
    2. Who Has the Burden of Proof?
    3. Objections
      1. Natural Law Serves No Useful Purpose;
        Ineffective Protection
      2. There's No Such a Thing as Natural Law
        Metaphysical Basis of Natural Law
      3. Even If There Were a Natural Law,
        It Would Be Unknowable
      4. Evolutionary Explanations Make Natural Law Obsolete
    4. Notes
    5. John Locke on Natural Law

Roderick T. Long is Professor of Philosophy at Auburn University who supports market anarchism.
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