Moral Classification
of Behaviors

Morally Indeterminate
Lacks information to know if
it is right or wrong to perform
Criminally Wrong*
If and only if it constitutes an initiation of force or threat of it
Not Aggression
Morally Permissible†
Does not initiate force or threat of it (nor is a force substitute)
Kill Murder Killing in self-defense or assisted suicide
Beat up someone Assault Beating in self-defense or consensual contact sport
Penetrating another or having sex with another Rape Penetrating during self-defense or consensual sex
Taking what appears to belong to another Theft Retrieving stolen goods* or after consensual exchange
Being on the property of another Trespass Rectifying wrongdoing or by permission of owner
Coercion Aggression by Coercion
e.g. Extortion, Slavery
Rectification by Coercion
Coercion to rectify wrongs
* Criminality may be rectfied using proportional coercion or violence against the aggressor.
† Permissible means that it is not morally wrong to do, but is not a mandatory duty either.

Key Definitions:

Aggression - the initiation of nonconsensual interpersonal force or the threat of it, understood to include the force substitutes of fraud and theft by stealth.

Coercion - compelling another to obey by threat of violence.

Violence - the use of physical interpersonal force.

See an analogous table which uses Mark Passio's terminology.

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