< Open Letter to Muslim Terrorists

Open Letter to Muslim Terrorists

Dear Muslim Terrorist,

I know you're mad at the Christian terrorists from the US Empire, the ones that murder your children, occupy your country, and torture your fellows. Were I in your shoes, I'd probably feel the same way. I know there's nothing I can say that will bring back your loved ones, or change your quest for justice and revenge. I have but one small request. If you nuke a US city, please nuke Washington DC, not Fayetteville, Arkansas. Washington is the head of the beast. That's where the rulers abide, where all plots of Christian terrorism are hatched, where the terrorist plotting to kill your people and steal your land originates. That's where you need to bomb; those are the folks you need to kill.

Fayetteville is harmless. Yes, we have some braindead people who blindly follow rulers, and believe the lies of the fuhrers. You know the type. Just as deluded fools followed Saddam Hussein, the Shah of Iran and other political gods, we have zombies for Clinton and Bush and American political idols. But these weak-kneed followers are just walking dead - incapable of harm without imperialist voodoo priests chanting their patiotiotic spells. The high priests of Christian terrorism are in Washington, in the White House and the Pentagon. Please take them out, and leave the simple folks alone.

Frankly, most Americans would be greatly in your debt if you nuked Washington. The Imperial Rulers steal nearly half of American working people's product; they imprison a larger percentage of we who live here than any other State in the world - what with its permanent mock wars on drug users and immigrants, landowners, the productive and the poor. The rulers of the US Evil Empire have debased our money, seduced our children into becoming murderers, and sell our future for their short-term personal plundered booty. Frankly, many of us would cheer if Washington DC were nuked into oblivion.

The Fayettevilles and Sprindales of people's America were never your enemy. Fayetteville has no bases in your holy lands, for Fayetteville has no standing army, no missles, no bombs, and no military industrial complex. We do have a farmers' market and a pretty good library. We have a University which welcomes Muslim students, and teaches rhetoric and philosophy and tolerance. Fayetteville is not your enemy. We denounce the Christian terrorism of the rulers in Washington DC. We welcome you to "have at them." I'll buy you a beer at Roger's Rec if you take out the White House.

Hogeye Bill

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