End Institutional Rapism!

by Hogeye Bill


Institutional rapism is defined analogously to institutional racism, generalizing from individual attitudes and behaviors to collective political policies and the subsidy of history.

rapism - the belief that it is okay to rape (or otherwise aggress against) others to accomplish your goals and interests

institutional rapism - the belief that a society or collective may rape (or otherwise aggress against) people to accomplish perceived social goals and interests

Notice that the institutional version of rapism adds a new criteria - power. It involves government aggression, that is, endorsement of the government “gun” to coerce other people. Thus, anarchist non-voters cannot possibly be institutional rapists, but all voters and all people who support compulsory government (including “democracy”) are institutional rapists. All elected officials and government employees and agents are by definition institutional rapists.

There are three basic types of institutional rapism.*

  1. Unilateral rapism, when the aggressor threatens rape in order to control the victim's solitary "autistic" actions. Examples are prohibitions against owning or possession pot, guns, sex toys, or gold, or preventing someone from engaging in a business without "licensure" protection payments. The rape threat consists of threatening to kidnap (“arrest”) people and transport them to rape cages (“prisons.”)
  2. Bilateral rapism, such as when the government extorts people by taxation, or forces labor services as in conscription or jury duty or forcing people to collect plunder or customer information on behalf of the State.
  3. Trilateral rapism, when the government forces A to pay B, or to interact with B without consent. Laws forcing employers to interact with unions, or forcing Jewish bakers to make cakes for Nazis, or anti-freedom of association (“discrimination”) laws forcing people to associate, are in this category.
How can we reduce or eliminate institutional rapism? That is a hard question, since the vast majority of people are currently institutional rapists. At this point, anti-rapists can:

On an optimistic note, the US dollar will soon lose its world reserve status and begin hyperinflating. This, along with increasing tribalism, will increase the support for secession from the US Rapist Empire, and favor liberty in the resulting "small but beautiful" entities. Secession is no longer a dirty word, and has entered the Overton Window, even of institutional rapists. When the money is no good and the central government fails, the institutional rapists will have ample reason and motivation to devolve to local governance and significantly less raping of the citizenry. Plus, with smaller entities, opting out and moving to competing entities will be a real and affordable option. The possibility of exit, opting out, will force the residual rapists to end their despicable practice. Markets against rapism!


* The three types of institutional rapism correspond to the three types of government intervention cited by Murray Rothbard in Power and Market ch. 2 pg. 11. Here is an excerpt:

What types of intervention can the invader commit? Broadly, we may distinguish three categories. In the first place, the intervener may command an individual subject to do or not to do certain things when these actions directly involve the individual's person or property alone. In short, he restricts the subject's use of his property when exchange is not involved. This may be called an autistic intervention, for any specific command directly involves only the subject himself. Secondly, the intervener may enforce a coerced exchange between the individual subject and himself, or a coerced “gift” to himself from the subject. Thirdly, the invader may either compel or prohibit an exchange between a pair of subjects. The former may be called a binary intervention, since a hegemonic relation is established between two people (the intervener and the subject); the latter may be called a triangular intervention, since a hegemonic relation is created between the invader and a pair of exchangers or would-be exchangers.
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