Conspiracy Anarchism

Passio’s De-Facto Satanism
by Hogeye Bill

Jan 25, 2023

Mark Passio is an anarcho-capitalist, but not of the usual Rothbardian or Randian school of thought. Instead of a Ms. Logic Ayn Rand libertarian, Passio is more of a Mr. Mystic Aleister Crowley libertarian. Atheists and skeptics of conspiracy theories and bunk science may be put off by his ... evidence, but he sure is a wonderful speaker and he does have quite an audience, including many that may not otherwise have become libertarian. I get the feeling that many of his more ardent followers would have become Trumpist true believers if not for his natural law lectures and anti-theft commandments.

What I intend to do is demonstrate how the same general libertarian points can be made without resorting to mysticism or conspiracy theories. I will replace the mysticism with rational-empirical explanations and replace the conspiracy theories with incentives for human action. Generally, I will agree with Passio's narrative interpreted in a figurative sense, but sometimes I will disagree. The truth is the truth, even if it comes from a left-brained anarchist atheist like me.

Passio generally has long introductions, basically flattering his audience by saying how only the elect few will understand him. He incorporates some Tom Sawyer reverse psychology, warning his audience that his words are not for imbeciles or children, so if you are weak-minded then you should leave. Probably no one leaves, and thus everyone present are persons of high-level consciousness indeed. The highlight of the intro to me is Passio's assertion of what I would call objectivist epistemology:

Truth is objective and eternal.
It has always been here and it always will be here.

You can't argue with that! The lecture gets cracking at 11:20 in the video.

Mark Passio
Conspiracy Anarchism

Hogeye Bill

What Satanism Actually Is


Satanism is an ancient occult religion, comprised of diverse, interconnected networks of world-wide adherents. At its ideological core, this religion postulates that knowledge of the human psyche and knowledge of the laws of the universe should be occulted and held only by a few human beings so they may retain power over the ignorant masses. It is much more accurate to perceive Satanists (and Dark Occultists in general) as ancient psychologists who hold and wield hidden information in ways which exploit those who remain ignorant of it.

Hogeye: It seems to me that Satanism as defined by Passio disappeared during the Renaissance era. Now there are universities, accessible online information and education, and social psychology, propaganda, and advertising are well understood by many - not just a few "Dark Occultists." The knowledge in question is no longer secret, and hasn't been for centuries.

What Statism Actually Is


Statism is an ancient extortion racket, comprised of sovereign States, along with cartels of States. At its ideological core, the State is the organization of systemized plunder. It utilizes propaganda, psyops, mass media, and as a last resort brute force, to retain power over the ignorant masses. An accurate framing is to consider the ruling elite to be Machiavellian psychologists and technocrats who are fully aware that using direct brute force violence is inefficient and expensive. Consider non-elite statists to be dupes of the rulers habituated and indoctrinated to servitude. For all States, there are rulers and the ruled.

Through the power differential they gain by way of manipulating those who remain in ignorance of this critical hidden knowledge, this small minority who are "in the know" wish to permanently rule the masses of humanity and effectively become god on earth. It is important to understand that, contrary to popular belief, the overwhelmingly vast majority of Satanists do not worship an externalized deity known as "Satan" in the Christian tradition, but instead see Satanism as an ideological way-of-being in the world, and they view the ego-driven self as the "God" of their religion.

Hogeye: I hold the opposite belief; that most people are too altruistic, with a religion that supports altruism and an ethic of maximizing the public good. To most people, even most ruling elites, selfishness is a vice, not a virtue.

Through the power differential they gain by way of having a monopoly on the legal use of force backed by violence, the small minority who are "in power" wish to permanently rule the humanity abiding on their fief-turf and effectively engage in sustainable plunder. It is important to understand that, contrary to popular belief, the overwhelmingly vast majority of statists do not worship the State as they would an anthropomorphized deity, but instead see statism as patriotism and loyalty to their nation. Statists worship the State and its rulers through actions such as paying taxes, voting rituals, oaths of allegiance, and voluntary indentured servitude e.g. in the military.

The symbolism and trappings of the Christian Devil, or Satan, are used in modern Satanism for two reasons. The first is to try to make outsiders see Satanism as "just another quaint religious belief" that is based upon traditional Christian belief systems. The second is to associate itself with the Adversarial Dynamic in Nature, referred to as involution in the Occult world, the force which opposes True Evolution in Consciousness. The word "Satan" comes from a Hebrew word meaning "adversary" or "opposer." Satanism is ultimately about being opposed to the True Order of Natural Law (the Universal Laws of Morality which govern the behavioral consequences of beings who are gifted with the capacity for holistic intelligence and Free Will).

Hogeye: It is unclear who exactly is trying to "make outsiders see Satanism as just another quaint belief." Wouldn't trying to fool dumbshits be a bit beneath the so-called Dark Occult high masters? At any rate, phrases like "True Evolution in Consciousness" and "True Order of Natural Law" ring my woo-woo alarm.

The symbolism and trappings of capitol buildings and flags are used in statism for two reasons. The first is to try to make people see the State as just and good, or at least inevitable, and better than any conceivable alternative. The second is to convince the masses that the State is the only possible provider of security, technical expertise, product safety, and/or law. This belief is called the fallacy of government solipotence. The force which opposes Liberty is Authority. The word "State" comes from the French word "estat" and Latin word "status" meaning station, position, or status. The State is ultimately a caste system, putting rulers in a caste above the normal humans with a morality based on Natural Law and local consensus.

Can a person be a Satanist and not know it?

Yes, absolutely!

Can a person be a statist and not know it?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, most statists hate the term for two reasons. First, most don't know what it means. A statist is anyone who is not a libertarian, or alternatively, anyone who thinks the State is beneficial or would be if the right people were in power. Second, most statists suffer from the cognitive dissonance of wanting to think they believe in freedom, while at the same time kowtowing to a State. Being called a statist reminds them of their servility, and in some cases, collaboration. They don't like that.

One of the most critical principles of Natural Law is that all things begin as thoughts. This principle eventually extends to the macrocosmic law: As humans think in the aggregate, so shall be the quality of their collective experience on Earth. If the Slave-Masters can give a lower-level, far less informed variant of their own mindset to those they wish to rule over, it becomes that much easier for them to control their would-be Slaves.

One of the most critical principles of Natural Law is that all human action begins as thoughts and intentions. This principle extends to society in general. Ideas profoundly affect human culture. Just as in earlier ages States colluded with or bought off the priesthood, modern States buy off the intellectual elite with government jobs and grants. If the rulers are able to use the intellectuals to indoctrinate the masses and habituate them to servitude, it becomes cheaper and easier to control and rob them.

The Four Main Tenets
of the Satanic Mindset

1. Selfishness / Egotism

The first tenet of Satanism is the dictum that "Self-preservation is the highest law." Put in other words: "The survival and comfort of the physical self is always a more important goal that doing what is morally right. Live for your self only, and only care about you and yours. If you must step on others to get what you want, then so be it, for this is a dog-eat-dog world." The tenet that clearly defines the over-arching worldview of Satanism is perpetual me, me, me thinking. Would you agree or disagree that the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to such a worldview?

Hogeye: I'd strongly disagree that most people are Stirnerite amoral egoists like Passio describes. I'd estimate that 99% of people are not that way at all! Most people are altruists, and want to serve gods, the public good, humanity, the nation, the State, the race, or some other collective or entity outside themselves. The rulers motivate the sheep through appeals to sacrifice for the public good, not self-interest.

The Two Main Tenets
of the Statist Mindset

1. Selflessness / Altruism
The first tenet of statism is the dictum that "Preserving the State is the highest law." In other words: "The State is everything; the individual is nothing." The tenet that clearly defines the over-arching worldview of statism is "Ask not what your State can do for you; ask how you can serve the State" to paraphrase a US ruler. Do you agree that the vast majority of people in our society are selfless shmoos who subscribe to the altruistic worldview of serving others' values and lives instead of their own?


2. Moral Relativism

Moral Relativism is the ideology that there is no objective difference between Right behavior and Wrong behavior, so human beings may arbitrarily "create" or "decide" Right and Wrong for themselves, based upon their own whims and preferences. In other words, that which we consider "right for ourselves" is what is Right, and that which we consider "wrong for ourselves" is what is Wrong. Since, according to the inherent and objective Laws of Morality, the aggregate amount of Morality present in the lives of the people of any given society is directly proportional to the amount of Freedom in that society, True Freedom CAN NEVER exists in a society that embraces Moral Relativism. Would you agree or disagree that the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to the ideology of Moral Relativism?

Hogeye: Passio only considers one type of moral relativism - moral subjectivism. His comments do not apply to, e.g. cultural relativism.

2. Moral Relativism

Moral Relativism is the belief that all morality depends on subjective or cultural factors, that is, is relative to person, time, culture, or circumstance. Thus, for moral relativists, there are no universal moral principles or constraints. Moral subjectivists may "create" or "decide" right and wrong by whim, revelation, or tradition. Another type of moral relativist believes that culture or society determines what is right and wrong. Since objective laws of morality do exist with respect to aggression, moral relativism fails for criminal actions. Freedom cannot be maintained in a society that embraces moral relativism for criminal acts such as murder, rape, and theft. However, for threshold issues, definition of property norms, non-criminal disputes, and contracts, natural law is of little help, so local consensus and/or polycentric law is necessary. Do you agree that most people in our society are moral relativists, even with respect to criminal acts (e.g. when endorsed by State)?

3. Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is the extension of the theory of Darwinian macro-biological "evolution" into human society. The proponents of Darwinian macro-biological "evolution" postulate the notion of the survival of the "fittest" animals, meaning that animals who are the most dominant will rule their social strata. Applied to the human domain, this theory puts forward the notions that 1). it is the "natural order" (and even desirable) for Human society to be ruled by the most dominating and vicious humans, and 2). that such humans' genes are the reason they acquired and maintain their positions of power. Would you agree or disagree that the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to such an ideology?

Hogeye: Passio has fallen for statist historian Richard Hofstadter's grossly biased misinterpretation of Spencer's work. Hofstadter used the term "social Darwinism" as an anti-capitalist pejorative, ignoring Spencer's extensive writings on the role of positive and negative beneficence in social evolution.

Social Darwinism: Societies evolve.
The truth is not statist.

Social Darwinism is the observation that human societies evolve. This notion of Lamarkian evolution of societies, popularized by Herbert Spencer, actually preceded the Darwinian biological theory. (Thus, Darwin's theory should properly be called "biological Spencerism.") The proponents of social Darwinism postulate a process dubbed "the survival of the fittest," meaning that those societies which are the most productive and promote the most voluntary benevolence among its members will thrive better than those societies which hamper liberty and competitive creativity. Contrary to popular belief (and Mark Passio) this theory rejects the notion that it is the "natural order" (and even desirable) for society to be ruled. On the contrary, Spencer emphasized that government aggression reduces and interferes with the development of beneficence among humans.
Do you agree that social Darwinism is a reasonable description of how societies evolve?

4. Eugenics / Dysgenics

The word Eugenics is derived from Greek adjective Evyevns, meaning "well- born," which is in turn derived from the Greek adjective eú, meaning "good," and the Greek noun yvos, meaning "race, stock. " Eugenics is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents, and reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization for those with undesired traits and characteristics. This tenet describes the ideology of Satanism taken to its ultimate conclusion. It goes something like this: Since Man is God, and he gets to make up what Right and Wrong are, and since it is simply the "Natural Order" for the most ruthless of humans, whose genes are the "fittest," to rule to rest of the human herd, then that "elite class" of human beings in the highest positions of power in the world have every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate, and who must die.

Hogeye: Passio is criticizing statist compulsory eugenics, not voluntary eugenics such as family planning or birth control, which is fine.

4. Eugenics / Dysgenics
Genetics is not statist.

Eugenics is the science of genetics applied to humans. As a social ideology, it advocates higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with good traits, and reduced rates of sexual reproduction bad traits. This is only common sense, and is standard practice in agriculture and husbandry. Why shouldn't those with long-living parents or great intelligence marry and have kids? A problem comes, however, when aggression is involved, such as when governments sterilize people without consent or kill people that rulers deem to be useless eaters. Then we have a problem. The bottom line is: Voluntary eugenics is perfectly fine, and often occurs naturally (e.g. smart people marrying smart people), but involuntary eugenics as a government policy is morally wrong.

Satanism is trying to destroy spirituality.

Hogeye: Sorry, I'm a systemizer, "left-brained" in Passio jargon. What the fuck is "spirituality?"

Statism is supporting the institution for sustainable plunder of humankind.

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