Would You Sell Yourself Into Slavery?

If you are tempted to join the military, there are some things you should know.
  1. You would be an indentured servant, in a form of slavery that is outlawed for everyone but the government. It is not like voluntary employment - you are no longer a free man or woman if you join up.

  2. You may be ordered to do immoral things, such as murdering civilians and destroying property.

  3. You would be aiding and abetting immoral ends, such as propping up dictatorships, aiding favored (oil) corporations, and producing income for the military industrial complex.

  4. You owe no loyalty to scheming politicians. Don't let them trick you with their talk of country and patriotism. If patriotism means killing and maybe dying for ambitious political rulers, then it's certainly not a virtue.

Agents of the State ("military recruiters") will tempt you with promises of money and education and other things. Just remember, there is a price - your freedom. It is wrong for you to indenture yourself into servitude, and it is wrong to agree to follow future possibly criminal orders.

You may think that you can change your mind rather than obey immoral orders. But that's almost impossible to do in combat, and difficult at other times. If you don't obey in combat, 'your own' guys will shoot you, or if you're lucky you'll be tried for desertion or treason. The hard fact is, once you are caught in the military trap the overwhelming incentive is to follow orders. By joining the military, you would put yourself in a position where it is almost impossible not to do evil when ordered.

If you join now, you will likely be aiding and abetting an invasion or occupation of Middle Eastern States, or aiding Colombian rulers fight an ongoing civil war. Neither of these actions defends American people. On the contrary, actions such as these breed terrorists, cause 9/11 type blowback, and endanger US citizens. Don't be part of this! Don't be a milfare slave. Don’t join!