100 Year Peace Plan

Central government being the primary perpetrator of organized mass murder, our main objective is to disempower the State and its culture of violence and aggression.

Desanctify the State. Reduce popular perception that government is the solution to human problems. Show how all State action is based on violence and aggression. Use institutional analysis and public choice theory when discussing the State. Demolish the old superstition that "we" are the government.
Localize and decentralize. Small is beautiful. Local governance is inherently more democratic than governance from afar. Local control is better than control from far away. Other things being equal, local production is better than dependence on long supply chains and distant production. Local currency is better than government fiat currency.
Inoculate people to government propaganda and crisis-mongering. Show how governments tend to create crises and wars. Show how government policy causes business cycles, inflation, and depression.

Debunk militarism, nationalism, and the mythology of empire. Convince people not to join the military or support it.
Separation of "public" and State. The public is the set of all people. The State is an institution with a monopoly on legal violence. Big difference.
Separation of education and State. The government should not be in a position to indoctrinate people. Militaries should not have cannon-fodder machines. Education should be local and open to diversity.
Tolerance and diversity. After the State, the biggest threats to peace are intolerance and xenophobia. Firmly oppose any oppression of minorities. Uphold freedom of association, but peacefully oppose bigotry.