Ballad of OJ - Hogeye Bill

OJ was an athlete
ver' much in demand.
Sliced through the defenses
like a crazy man.
Talked his way through thick and thin
his face flung far and wide
and everything was going keen
'till his wife and Goldman died.

It sure weren't no accident
Their necks cut near through clean
The bath of blood gave testament to
the carnage of the scene
And OJ with no alibi
Abiding down the way
Waiting for his limousine
and another traveling day.

Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't
no one really knows.
Except for perhaps OJ himself
or some evil unknown foe.
OJ was dragged down that day
naked to the crowd.
His life hung in the balance
his past proclaimed out loud.

OJ was no angel
he had a cruel and ugly streak.
He beat up on his woman
and stalked her like a creep.
On the other hand he's an honest man
in his everyday affairs.
And is well thought of by millions
he never put on airs.

A crooked cop decided he would
add to OJ's plight.
He planted evidence subsequently
refuted under the light.
The policeman might have pulled it off
but his words they lacked in tact.
It just may be the first time ever
that the bigot freed the black.

The verdict was 'not guilty'
and the law was satisfied.
Justice dealt by human hands
cannot put doubts aside.
Presumed innocent means lots of things
and one of them must be
that to save someone who's falsely accused
you gotta let ten sinners free.