Birth of a Terrorist
Birth of a Terrorist - Hogeye Bill

Bombs falling down on a Serbian suburb
Homes and schools destroyed, deafening noises heard
A boy cries as he sees his parents buried alive in the debris
Congratulations America, you just gave birth to a terrorist-to-be.

Death planes dropping bombs on the village in the sand
Civilians murdered right and left, youngster sees a severed hand
Of his mother who was washing clothes and now a lifeless torso red and gray
Congratulations America, you just gave birth to a terrorist today.

As the US arms the looters and the cutthroats far and near
And trains the murderous death squads of their power-hungry peers
Kid cowers in the corn field as thugs drag his beaten bleeding dad away
Congratulations America, you just gave birth to a terrorist today.

Four planes missing, gonna make 'em pay
For all the terrorizing done; that's the American way
They have no high tech weapons but determined wounded courage holds its sway
You got your just desserts, your brood came down on America today.

The moral of this story is that blood karma comes back
When your rulers order murders, put civilians on the rack
And send milfare hitmen mines and death planes anywhere by whim around the earth
Violence begets violence - your ruler's gave these terrorists their birth.

When will they ever learn, the song comes back to play
As the rulers call for blood - 'make all them ragheads pay'
They want war and they don't give a damn 'bout innocent civilians in the way
Here we go America, another brood of terrorists today.

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