Every Dead Narc ...
Every Dead Narc is One Small Step for Freedom
Every Dead Narc is One Small Step for Freedom - Hogeye Bill

The only good narc is a dead narc
That's the lesson for today.
So if you get half a chance
Then blow their ass away.
They kidnap their neighbors
And put them in the pen.
The brown-shirts did it to the Jews
Now the narcs are doing it again.

What is there to do about
Barbaric violent thugs
Who kidnap and torment peaceful folk
'Cause they don't like their kind of drugs.
Being Jew or doin' drugs
Sure don't harm no one.
I've never seen anything more damn evil
Than the jackboots and their guns.

Don't forget that every person
Has a right to self defense.
If aggressor wears a uniform
It makes no difference.
A kidnapper is a kidnapper,
A brute with badge still brute.
And I say if you get a half a chance
Put a gun to his head and shoot.

The only good narc is a dead narc
Know how to garrote.
If a narc should turn his back to you
I beg you: slit his throat.
One less serial kidnapper
To prey on society
Send that brown-shirt Nazi thug
To eternity.

D/// ////
C/A/ D///
D/C/ A/G/
F/G/ D///
(F/G/ D///)

Head Narc
DEA Boss Asa Hutchinson
Dead Narc Nominee

Leader of the new holocaust, Asa Hutchinson was the
Adolf Eichmann of the War on Drug Users. He was
directly responsible for kidnapping and imprisoning
thousands of people, while sending their
kids to orphanages and foster homes. It would be
poetic justice if Hutchinson were sent to prison,
broom-handle butt-raped by every soul he put there, and
then have his throat slit. We'll have to settle for
the hope that some courageous warrior puts a bullet
through his brain. Perhaps some pain-racked AIDS
patient deprived of medicinal marijuana will commit
a last heroic act of terrorcide and blow Asa's
ass away. Hogeye Bill sez,"Die narc scum!"