Hegemonic Empire Blues - Hogeye Bill

Our wondrous ruler said that we
must invade bad country
We have to make it clear you see
it would be catastrophe
to let them be.
A civil war is raging and we have to take a side.
We can’t allow a king that won’t submit or take a bribe.

Permanent war for permanent fleece
don’t complain just shut your mouth please
pay your dues.
Pick a side or two or three
they all look quite untrustworthy
but empires choose.
The pot it poisons people and the kettle merely maims
The bombs are different colors but the dead stink all the same.

Hegemonic empire blues.
Heads they win and tails you lose.
Ruling assholes profit well
while subject people live the hell.

Salute the flag and lick the boot
don’t think twice just point and shoot
for your home State.
Suspending your morality
you’re one more sick fatality
of tribal hate.
Epigenetic shades of hunter gather reptile brain.
Modern mass destruction makes such attitudes insane.

I for one will laugh and cheer
the empire’s death is coming near
crash and burn.
Don’t believe Orwellian crap
to keep the monkey on your back
it’s freedom’s turn.
The scary horror stories that the statists like to spin
are tales to keep you servile; disbelieve it and you win!


The social revolution is peaceful devolution
to small scale life.
Human touch and helping hand replacing centralized command
and social strife.
Free and loving people acting voluntarily.
Imagination churning creativity.

Am/ D/ Am/ F/
Am/ D/ Am/ G/
Am//F Am//F Am//F Am//F

Cm/ F/ Dm7G E7/
Cm/ F/ Dm7D#m7 G//7
(G//4 G//4 G//4 D#/D/)

E/ AmD G///
Am/ Cm/ G/ Em7/
Am/ Cm/ G/ Em7/
(Em7//4 Em7//5 x4)