I'm Highly Selective - Hogeye Bill

I’m highly selective and you’ll be glad
I won’t have sex with someone who’s too
skanky, or a goddamn yankee.
I don’t like lying or getting burned
I hope by now I’ve finally loved
and learned, discerned.

But when the smell of oyster mushroom wafts onto my tongue.
The fire lights arising oh my how you overcome!
(vocal ad lib)

I’m highly selective …
— creepy, or sleepy
— who's a midget, got too big a digit
— crazy, or overly lazy
— doesn't smoke reefer, if she do she's a keeper
— scumbag, sleazebag

Hear the Howlers playing as we dance across the floor.
Benjammin a’crooning as we fall in love once more.

I’m highly selective …

Can you hear the ocean’s waves a’washing on the beach?
Hug your dreams every day to keep them in your reach.

I’m highly selective …

I’ll squeeze your papaya juice and you can squeeze my lime.
Ain’t no law ‘ginst loving when you’re living Tico time!

I’m highly selective …

Nancy Buckin kicking it, fiddling off her ass.
The usual suspects swaying backbeat blowing pedigreed grass.

G/// D7/Am7D7/
G/// D7/Am7D7/

D/Dm7/ C/G/
D/Dm7/ C/
Am/// Am/Am7Am/
Am/// Am/Am7Am/
Am/// D7CG/ CostaRicaWomanOnBoat

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Vera with Imperial at her bar side throne.
Serving expat outlaws and tourists far from home.