ayn-rand-bw Hogeye's Riddle Song            mp3
Hogeye Bill

Who is your worst enemy without a bomb or gun?
What is your hardest battle that never can be won?
What's the most damnable evil deed that ever can be done?
What's the saddest song of all that never can be sung?

Your own temptation to do wrong is your worst enemy.
The hardest battle is to do the right thing and be who you can be.
The one and only crime initiation of force - respect the NAP.
The saddest song is a mind enslaved and unwilling to break free.

(Yeah but)
How do you fight an enemy with outposts in your head?
How do you go on believing that if you don't you're dead?
How do you know when to compromise and when to draw the line?
How do you live knowing when you die you leave everything behind?

Strive to learn and keep that burning fire in your self.
You own your life now seize the day no sense in anything else.
Don't compromise your principles be flexible on the road.
Enjoy the journey and walk it well the rest is not your load.

Q) FCFAmG/ G/// G7///
A) FCFAmG/ C/// C///