Idiot Boob Tube Rube - Hogeye Bill

I once was a TV watcher
I frittered my time away
Now I live my own damn life
No longer am I a slave
To the demon of the tube
That can turn you into brainless boob
A couch potato in El Dorado
Idiot boob tube rube.

My world once turned upon
Politicians dance and song
And sports with balls and booty calls
The sirens come along
The soulless brain dead beat
That molds a mind to ad man’s meat
Obesity shining compulsion buying
Honey get me something to eat.

TV rots the mind.
Big Brother’s human harness.
TV is the only form of entertainment that makes you dumber.
It makes you suggestible and pliant.

Now I’m so much better
I read instead of stare
And play guitar and sing in bars
And play chess in my lair
One thing’s clear to me
I’ll enjoy life and live it free
Protect me from the mind-numbing hum
Of garbage on TV.


Am/D/ G/C/ F/G/ Am/// x4