State Trained Child - Hogeye Bill
The tune is Janice Ian’s “Society’s Child”

Lick the hand of your master, dog boy
Like you’ve done a thousand times before
Your dignity can grovel down
Just a little more
Their plots go bad and it’s you they blame
They know your number but not your name
Exploiting you with their legalized hoods
Saying bow to your knee ‘cause the boot on your neck
is for the national good.

They say don’t read Ayn Rand anymore,
I can’t read Rothbard anymore.
Don’t know von Mises anymore.

Crony corporations have got control of
money, medicine, and media, too.
Your education, sheep-brain
is ours for molding you.
So be a good drone, do as you’re told
Youthful rebellion is getting old
The petty notion of liberty
Must yield to rulers vicious role
for humanity.

But I don’t live for all mankind.
I live for what is me and mine.
I never liked the tribal mind.

One of these days I’m gonna stop my grovelin’
Gonna raise my head up high.
One of these days I’m going to raise up
My glistening wings and fly.
But that day will have to wait for a while
Baby, I’m only a state trained child
When I’m older things may change
But for now this is the way they must remain

I’ll just have to hope with Nock,
That there’s a remnant in the flock.
There's Roderick Long and Walter Block.

Cm/ F/
Cm/ F/
Cm/ F/
Eb/ F/

Am/ D7/
Am/ D7/
Bb/ C/

Play it.