Stoned Song

Stoned Song - Hogeye Bill

Big bamboozle by the bong
Stone cold silly singing song
Marijuana charas ragged rope
Hemp high hashish a-flying dope!

Hippie cat meet rasta man
Holy sadhu meet hashishian
Cucuracha reggae sitar or blues
Ganja people are free to choose.

Bhang smooth almond refreshing drink
I'll roll up a reefer twist one up, I think
Alice's brownies are tasty and fine
Tambourine tapping, a-reeling in rhyme.

D/// D///
D/// G/D/
D/A/ G/D/

*top 3 strings only on 3rd fret = Gm
*top 3 strings only on 1st fret = Fm

bong bowl

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