The Hypocrite


The Hypocrite - Hogeye Bill

I met a gunman the other day
He said it was my right
To carry a gun to protect myself
From the violent criminal type
I agreed with him; I dug his rap
And fired up a joint
He said "I'm gonna call the cops."
I replied "You miss the point."

May God shit on the hypocrite
May he pucker up and die
May a thousand crabs infest his crotch
Until he sees his lie
What's good for goose is good for gander
Any fool can see
Can't have your cake and eat it too
It's called consistency.

A cool head friend of mine once said
While passing 'round the bong
"We sure ain't harming anyone
Laws against pot are wrong."
Then he handed me a petition saying that
We should ban the gun.
I told him freedom must be for all
It can't be just for some.

I saw a demonstration
As strange as it could be
A march supporting quotas
In the name of equality
What do you mean equality
When the government makes the choice
And the liberals are the racists
And Bob Dylan's lost his voice.

I was hanging with some black cats
Trucking down the street
Eli said "Check out the fags
They look like they're in heat."
He said that we should kick their ass
Teach 'em a thing or three.
I told him he should understand
Strange fruit on the poplar tree.


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