Ugly Fucks - Hogeye Bill

Ugly fucks. Butt ugly, butt ugly, ugly fucks.
We stick together we're the ugly ducks.
We get along with other ugly folks.
Even us uglies like to get some pokes.

My face is all misshapen, I will never be mistaken for a movie star
Got blemishes and blotches from my head to my galoshes and a facial scar
My mamma told me son, you'll be lucky to get laid
'Cept maybe by some crack whore needing to get paid

I have the personality and putrefied banality of floating turd
I don't look in the mirror, there's no getting around it I'm an ugly bird
If you can't hang with the pretty, no need to pitch a fit
A wise and ugly man once said to love the one you're with


Hey ugly darling, I see you're one of us
You have been chosen. Please don't make a fuss.
Let us wallow in the ugliness we bring
Let's take our clothes off and sing sing sing

Come on ugly darling, let me lay on you some ugly touch
Get a little stoned and drunk, my ugly demeanor won't repel you much
I'm Alfred E. Newman and not Frank Sinatra
I'm both inarticulate and unpoplula'


You found me ugly darling, the same way I found you
The bottom of the barrel, 'cause I'm an ugly, too.
You can call it destiny, I call it ugly luck
Let's get naked and fuck, fuck, fuck.



A/// C/G/ A///
C/G/ A///
C/G/ A///
C/G/ D/// (D///)

A/// G/// A/// AA#GG#
A/// G/// A/// AA#GG#
D/// A///
D/// E*///
E/E*/ E/E*/

(E* = D shape on 3rd fret)