What is War?

What is War? - Hogeye Bill

I am one of the privileged elite
Planner and ruler and tender of sheep
I know what war is and I know what it's for
I know about power, I'll tell you 'bout war.

What is war?
War is rewarding, I lavish my cohorts
With contracts and kickbacks and funding all sorts.
War helps me silence those blocking my way
War gives me the power to shut them away.
I intimidate foreigners, rule distant lands
With corporate money-men shaking my hand.
That's what war is. It's all 'round all right.
I don't pay the costs. What's there not to like?

I'm an average Joe or an average Jane
You may well wonder why I buy into the pain
And the cost, and loss of my freedom so dear
And the foreigners' hate, and climate of fear.

What is war?
War is high destiny, people's romance
From humdrum existence war gives me the chance
To ride the Great Whirlwind, to be History's Hero
I march with my Folk, that's one thing that I know.
War gives me meaning, it gives me a cause
I taste immortality when war bugles call.
Incense of gunpowder, icon of bone
War is my sacrament. War is for home.