Declaration of Independence of the Ozarks

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Thus, barring aggressive conduct:

  1. The people shall be free to form defense associations, courts, banks, coops, mutuals, firms, joint stock companies, partnerships, households, families, and all other voluntary associations.
  2. The people shall be free to grow any crop, and produce any good or service.
  3. Individuals may opt out of any voluntary organization. Furthermore, people may opt out without fine or penalty unless there is a specific contractual obligation otherwise.

We, the undersigned people of the Ozarks, style ourselves Ozark Free Zone, or “Ozarkia,” people residing or abiding near the Ozark mountains of North America. We deny any duty to serve, obey, or pay tribute to any State or compulsory government, including but not limited to the United State[s] of America and the provinces of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We declare ourselves free and independent people, self-sovereign, unowned by any other person or entity, and absolved from all allegiance to monopoly government.