Godless CD #1

  1. Yuppie Scum
  2. Creepin'
  3. More Dope for More Hope
  4. Bloody Western
  5. Selling Your Hole
  6. Witch Hunters
  7. Dr. Stick-It
  8. Incest Test
  9. Puppy Love
  10. Y2K Jelly
  11. Blood
  12. Ich Bin GOTT

Godless™ Rock-N-Roll designates Witch Hunters
for the democratic theme song in the 2020 election.

WARNING: This music is a mirror reflection of what human life has become on this planet. I suggest not looking into the mirror too long. It may be you.


Coming soon ...

More info: Ariel Ramhayil at arielramhayil@yahoo.com. Business card.

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