Entitlement Theory of Justice

Entitlement Theory of Distributive Justice


Justice in Acquisition


Justice in Transfer


Justice in Rectification

Deals with the initial acquisition of previously unowned resources, what types of things can be owned, and so forth. How one person can acquire holdings from another, including voluntary exchange, gifts & abandonment/squatting. Deals with holdings that are unjustly acquired or transferred, long past transgressions, injustices done by government, etc.
Sufficient use of an unowned resource, aka homesteading. "Sufficient" is determined by local consensus and/or natural law principles. Voluntary trade or gift. Abandonment criteria are strong, i.e. favoring current owners - aka neo-Lockean, no-proviso Lockean, or sticky property. Stolen property should be returned to rightful owner.
A just transfer creates legitimate ownership.
A successful theft creates legit ownership.
Voluntary trade or gift. Weak abandonment criteria; no absentee ownership. Rothbardian, transactional, or semi-pacifist.
Voluntary trade or gift, only between worker collectives for capital goods. Rothbardian, transactional, or semi-pacifist.
Voluntary trade or gift among communes, and with other outside entities. Rothbardian, transactional, or semi-pacifist.
Sticky Property
Transaction Based
Sticky Property
Sticky Property
Possession Property
Collective Property
Collective Property

The Entitlement Theory was developed by Robert Nozick in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia.

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