Libertarians don't see any difference between liberals and conservatives; they are just different flavors of statism.

Ideological Pedigree Table of Values and Views

Totalitarians Statist Socialists
Progressives, SJWs,
Illiberal Left
Statist Capitalists
Patriots, Law 'n Order
Tolerance of opposing views no no no yes
Freedom of expression no no no yes
Freedom of speech no no no yes
Political correctness yes yes yes no
Cancel culture yes yes yes no
Freedom of conscience no no no yes
Free and truthful press no no no yes
Repression of dissenting views yes yes yes no
Demonization of objectors yes yes yes no
Punishment of dissenters yes yes yes no
Discrimination yes yes yes no
Equal treatment no no no yes
Equality before the law no no no yes
Autonomy of the individual no no no yes
Civil liberties no no no yes
Respect for Private Property no no no yes
Collectivism yes yes yes no
Promise of Utopia yes yes yes no

This table is based on a table by Vasko Kohlmayer from the article:
Ideological Kin: The Progressive Left Hold The Same Values As Tyrants and Oppressors.

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