Rectification Policies

  1. Temporal Proximity
    aka Timeliness
    1. immediate defense only
    2. fixed time limit
      [like statute of limitations]
    3. extended or no limit [Rothbard: limited by legimacy of claimants]
    4. extended or no limit for serious crimes; limited/immediate for petty crimes

  2. Perpetrator Scope
    1. aggressor only
    2. aggressor and accomplices [Jeff Valien]
    3. aggressor, accomplices, and possessors of stolen goods
      [Rothbard; innocent third parties with procedural conditions]

  3. Rectifier Scope
    1. victim only
    2. victim and family or clan
    3. any individual or group who are agents of the victim
    4. any individual or group representing the victim
    5. anyone [even random bounty hunters, etc.]

  4. Limitations on Force aka Appropriate Force
    1. only enough to stop the ongoing aggression [minimum necessary force]
    2. only enough to force compensation to the victim + apprehension costs
      [David Friedman; economically efficient force]
    3. enough to likely prevent future aggression by the perpetrator [anti-recidivism]
    4. enough to minimize future similar aggression by criminals [crime rate based]
    5. proportional to the aggression [Thomas Aquinas]
    6. none [Conan the Barbarian]

Mongol General: What is best in life?

Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

See the Wikipedia article on Entitlement Theory of Justice.

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