NPC vs Libertarian - Firearms

NPCcartoon BeardedMan
"We need common sense gun laws." It is simple common sense
to have the right of self-defense.
"Weapons of war shouldn't be on our streets." They are on the streets, so defense is necessary. Why disarm good people?
"I support laws that make us safe, like red flag laws." Government is intrusive enough! We need no police raids, snitches, & spying.
"We need a law to close gun show loopholes." We need free trade - no government regulation of our right of self-defense.
"Gun deaths in the US are higher than in other countries." Ending drug prohibition would fix that, but statists prefer to make more things illegal.
"You don't need a gun." That's as stupid as saying, "You don't need a fire extinguisher." Be prepared!
"Your shotgun can never beat the government, with its tanks and bombers." We don’t have to beat it; just make it too expensive to plunder and rule us.
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