The Politician - Anna K.

Liberty, Vol. 10, No. 21,
February 23, 1895

I'm a statesman, I'm a shouter,
A spell-binder, and a spouter;
I can talk nine ways for Sunday in a minute.
I can conjure up the voters,
The lunatics and floaters;
When there's any dirty scheming, I am in it.

I cajole with Hans and Mike,
And do exactly as I like;
My friends all come to me to grind their axes;
I fix them for a fee;
It's all the same to me;
For the people think it's fine to pay their taxes.

When we've had our costly "go,"
And the treasury's getting low,
All we have to do is simply raise the rate.
With more of joy than woe
They to their pockets go;
For the mulligrubs admire the glorious "State."

I promise them protection,
High wages, and perfection,
And tell them of our lovely "Yankee Nation."
I never heave a sigh,
But live exceeding high,
While they hump themselves to get a half a ration.

I of patriotism brag,
And wave the striped rag;
At the numb-heads I am laughing in my sleeves.
I am always for myself,
For office and for pelf;
I'm a member of the "Brotherhood of Thieves."

I control the people's money,
And they think it very funny;
I help myself to either more or less;
And, beside this money-raking,
What other bribes I'm taking
I leave you howling Anarchists to guess.

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