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Bill Orton Wins 2022 Ark Open

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Arkansas Open this weekend. It was our largest tournament yet. We had 51 total players across all sections, 9 of which played in their very first tournament.

Bill Orton was the overall Open champion scoring 4.5/5.0, Miles Bowlin won the Blitz tournament with 4.5/5 and David Phillips won the Rapid portion with 2.5/3 Nathaniel Fast (4.0/5) out of Missouri took 2nd overall and William Donham (3.5/5) out of Little Rock took 3rd.

In the U1600 section:
1st- Tyler Madsen (4.5/5)
2nd- Gage Carr (3.5/5)
3rd- Ian-Lee Kim (3.5/5)

In the U1000 Section
1st- Devansh Alwa (3.5/4)
2nd- Lalitsingh Rawat (3.5/4)
3rd- William Zeng (3.0/4)
Congrats to all our winners!

- David Morgan, TD and FCC President


Steve Elkins Wins 2020 Fayetteville Championship

Thanks to all (11 in Open and 8 in Scholastic) who participated in our annual club championship this year last Saturday. Was the perfect number to pay all expenses--USCF Affiliation fee, room cost, and the trophies. The Open section was "player with white pieces" Day. In the following games the player with white won: Rd. 2--Bii Orton (1.0) beat Les Kline (1.0), Rd. 3--Miles Bowlin (2.0) beat Orton (2.0), and Rd. 4--Steve Elkins (3,0) beat Bowlin (3.0) for perfect score of 4.0 and winner of Open Trophy. Congrats to Steve (reg. rating 1583); just too bad wasn't a rated tournament? In the Scholastic section Zach Muench (2.0, rating 717) defeated Vrishank (2.0, rating 917) for only perfect score (3.0). Zach also had white in that round! Congrats to Zach. - Les Kline, TD.

Bill Orton Wins State Championship 2017

Three-peat! Beating Bellasario and Davis.

Miles Bowlin and Bill Orton Win 2016 Arkansas Open

Tournament on Beautiful Mt. Sequoyah

2016 Fayetteville Championship

Invaded by Fort Smith Players

Bill Orton Wins 2015 Arkansas Championship

Larry Swartwood's Team Wins Round Robin

Alex Wolf 2014 Arkansas Co-Champion

Ties with Tony Davis
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