Coralie Koonce's Thinking Toward Survival Series

Models, Myths, and Muddles book cover Models, Myths, and Muddles outlines five major situations that together challenge not only civilization but the very survival of the human race: population growth, dangerous technologies, ecosystem failure, weapons of mass destruction, and resource wars.

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Swimming in a Sea of Ideology book cover Swimming in a Sea of Ideology dissects those ideologies that close down our thinking processes. It discusses culture, religion, nationalism, political ideologies, science, American exceptionalism, and propaganda.

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Survival and Thrival
Useful Ideas
for the Human Race

Coralie Koonce's newest book!

Survival and Thrival is a guide for species bootstrapping. Book One considers guidelines, models, visions, and strategies, focusing on the local level. Book Two goes more deeply into intractable problems such as war, climate change, and global poverty, proposing solutions that are new, divergent, or at least off the public radar.

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