History of Our Business

Ozark Salvage Company was established by James A. Adams during the great depression when old wrecked pickup truck parts could be used to make several vehicles operate. Motor parts where needed at an affordable price and the unusable parts could be shipped out as scrap metals to be melted and reformed for future use.

During the early 1940’s Ozark Salvage Co. helped in supplying metals, along with newspaper and burlap bags (generally potato sacks) from N.W. Arkansas to where the U.S. Government routed the shipments. In 1944 for one month the company shipped more scrap steel than any other scrap company in the state of Arkansas. A war effort plaque was given to the company which is mounted above the manually operated triple beam truck scale, which is still being used today.

Through the 50’s until the early 1960’s Ozark Salvage was a major avenue of keeping a continuous flow of scrap to be recycled. Charles W. Stewart II, son-in-law of Mr. Adams, helped run the business from 1939 to the mid 60’s. In 1960 Mr. Stewart, along with his two sons, Charles W. Stewart III and James H. Stewart, decided to incorporate and change the name to Ozark Steel Company.

After incorporating and with the knowledge of both understanding the scrap metals and having a structural steel engineer Ozark Steel Company created a warehouse of new steel. By the mid to later 1960’s the company was recognized as a family owned small business that produced a quality product. If someone lived in N.W. Arkansas from the 1950’s to date they probably experienced either searching through the scrap for goodies or purchasing some new steel to be worked. Some people just go to talk and see the timeless office that gives them the feeling of stepping back into time.

Today the business offers new steel products from the basic shapes of flats, rounds, sheets, rebar and concrete wire mesh; to structural shapes as beams, channels, pipe, square and rectangular tubing. Structural fabrication for both commercial and residential projects are completed in a professional manner. A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal and want them to feel as if they received a better than expected product and end result.