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100 Year Peace Plan

B&W anti-war signs

Anti-Military Recruitment Tools

One way to directly promote peace is to discourage young people from joining the military. To counter the State's tax-funded military recruiters, we need to think of ways to convince prospective cannon-fodder to

just say no.

Here are some tools for a peace recruiter.

  1. Anti-Recruitment Flier
    Don't Sell Yourself
    Print 2-up pdf file

    Good for high school bulletin boards.

  2. Poster - Uncle Sam
    Print the pdf file

  3. Poster - Your Choice
    Print the pdf file

  4. Poster - Milfare Recipient
    Print the pdf file

  5. Bring "Our" Troops Home
    Print the pdf file

Golden Oldie: Anti-Enlistment League flier from WWI

Hogeye Bill - Revised 1/26/15