Markham Hill Moment of History

Pratt-Markham House circa 1960 (click to enlarge)
  1. Evangeline’s Cottage on Markham Hill
  2. Pratt Place-Markham Camp
  3. Edward Downie’s Life as a Markham Hill Cabin Dweller in the 1950s
  4. Markham Hill Plans
    Won't Help the Turtles
  5. Native American Sites
    on Markham Hill
  6. The Hobby She Rides Is Horses
  7. University Receives Films
    Focusing on Man's History
  8. Ward Pennington
  9. Suki Highers’ Life as a Markham Hill
    Cabin Dweller in the 1990s
  10. Maggie’s Road
  11. Gay Day Camp on Markham Hill
  12. The following moments have no audio.
    They are likely future KPSQ radio episodes.

  13. Joy Pratt Markham: Living at Pratt Place
  14. Mary Hughes’ Life as a Markham Hill
    Cabin Dweller in the late 1960s
  15. WomanInPurple-sm
    Woman in Purple, by Joy Pratt

  16. The Short Life of Gay Pratt Markham
  17. ‘Man Outside’ on Markham Hill
  18. Filming of ‘The Blue and the Gray’ in Fayetteville
  19. Pratt-Markham House and Property
  20. Patsy Galbraith’s Life on Markham Hill
    in the 1980s
  21. Mrs. Markham’s Daffodils
  22. The Largest Dogwood in the World!
  23. Horses, Pot, and Hiding Out
  24. Joy Pratt Markham, the Artist
  25. Passing of George Bellows
  26. The Pratt Boys
  27. Alysen Land’s Memories as a Girl on Markham Hill in the 1960s

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